Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Service Provider refers to Service Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. or the service provider of servicecloud.co.th, an online service request system

Service User refers to the user who registers for services through service.co.th to use the online service request system

Service Fees refer to the charges that service users must pay according to each annual usage cycle, as stated on the website servicecloud.co.th

2.Agreement on Password Data Storage

In using the service.co.th website, the Service Provider will assign a username and password for system access to the Service User. The Service User can change these later. The Service User is responsible for securely storing their login password.

3.Agreement on Service Renewal

The Service Provider will notify the Service User of the payment for service fees 30 days before the expiration of the service via email. If the Service User does not renew or pay, the Service Provider will temporarily suspend the service after 30 days from the expiration date. In the case where the Service User does not renew the service, the Service Provider will store the Service User's data for another 90 days, after which all data will be removed from the system.

4.Service Provider's Liability Agreement

The Service Provider is committed to providing efficient service and constantly strives to improve the system. However, the Service Provider cannot guarantee that the service provided to the Service User will be without any flaws, such as issues with internet connectivity, communication systems, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, fires, uncontrollable events, or service interruptions due to other problems. If issues do arise, the Service Provider will make every effort to resolve them so that the Service User can continue to use the service

5.Service Cancellation Agreement

5.1.The Service Provider reserves the right to refund service fees in cases where the Service User cancels usage before the system's expiration date

5.2.In the event that the Service User does not renew the system or fails to pay for the service, the Service Provider will automatically cancel the service 30 days after expiration

6.Agreement on Changing Service User Data

If the Service User changes their name, company name, address, contact person, email, or any other contact information, they must notify the Service Provider for acknowledgment and update the contact information

7.Prohibition of Service Use

Service Users can use service.co.th ethically and in accordance with Thai law only. If the Service Provider finds that the service is being used in activities contrary to Thai law, the Service Provider reserves the right to cancel the service without prior notice and assumes no liability for any violations

8.Agreement on Data Confidentiality

The Service Provider places great importance on the service user's data. The Service Provider will not disclose any personal information such as name, email, or contact numbers to third parties except in the following cases

- With consent from the Service User

- In accordance with court orders or legal requirements

- The Service Provider may display the organization names that use the system on the website under the customer names section (Service Users who do not wish their company name to appear on the website can notify the Service Provider to remove it immediately)

9.Agreement on Changing the Terms of Service

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the terms of service, effective immediately. The Service Provider will notify the Service User via email or through the servicecloud.co.th website accordingly